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My name is Oleksii, and I am IOL clinical application and clinical integration expert, working in the field of ophthalmology since 1996. 

I am an engineer at my basic education and spent my whole professional life in a field of cataract and refractive lens exchange surgery starting from service engineer till independent clinical integration consultant in ophthalmic surgery field. 


This web site is a compilation of my 25 years of experience of work with surgeons and patients to help them with proper IOL selection and clinical application.

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My Story

I was born and live in Kyiv city, Ukraine, where I graduated physics and mathematics intense education school, and get masters degree of computer science at National Technical University of Ukraine. 

I started my career as an ophthalmic surgical equipment service engineer in 1996. At that time, cataract removel and eye microsurgery was not developed in Ukraine, and company where I started my career was the first to import new phacoemulsification equipment to Ukraine. So, I was the first person in Ukraine to assist our best surgeons at first microincision cataract removal in my country. Later I moved from service engineer to clinical application specialist and lately developed my personal clinical integration approach to help surgeons find the best IOL solutions for their patients to get maximum vision quality. 

As I realised, how many peoples are looking for better IOL options and need help in IOL type and model selection I created YouTube channel to help peoples to understand IOLs better, and later this web site to help patients to find the best IOL options and lifestyle fit, and to help surgeons to talk with patients during preoperative counseling

You may use this web site for free if you a patient or a doctor, and I am always open for personal consultation regarding IOL type or model selection for patients and for professional consulting on clinical integration for clinics or individual surgeons. Just send me your request below, and I will be happy to help. 

Oleksii Sologub


Entrepreneur | Board Member & Strategic Business Consultant in Ophthalmology

Contact me

You may send me professional service request via contact page, or schedule a personal IOL consultation.

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