The worst time of the day...

The worst time of the day for me now - early morning...

When I feel I am almost awake, I want to stay sleeping, as I know that what is happening now to me, my family, and my country Ukraine is a terrible reality.

I was living in Kyiv, at the place where the hottest war episodes are happening now. We were lucky to leave our house on day 3, and even that day we were faced with gunning at one of the block-posts.

I am absolutely sure in the victory of Ukraine, as this war is not a local conflict of Russia vs Ukraine, it is a global challenge of pure evil versus the world of freedom and democracy.

Cross my fingers for Ukraine, and pray, please close the sky, as Russians destroying cities and killing people by heavy missiles, airplanes and helicopters.

The most important - please push your politics to vote to close the sky! Help us to protect our cities from Russian missiles!!!

If you want to support me and my family in this terrible circumstances, please do it here:, just indicate any amount you wish.

Thank you for your support!

Alex @EyeSurgeryExplained channel