Who are "ordinary people from Russia"?

I am from Ukraine... My family had a house, till yesterday.

It is interesting, that some large and well known public companies still working with Russia, and saying that "we are healthcare companies, we serve ordinary people for healthcare and if we get out of the country, we will punish ordinary peoples, not politics.. we are not in the politics".

Well, nice position, but let me explain something.

1. Ordinary people, in every country are responsible for the government they elected.. Well, you may say that "Russia is not a democracy..". Ok, it is NOW, but it became a totalitarian country with silent agreement of ordinary peoples, and it was happening slowly over years.

2. Vast majority of Russians support the war. Yes, ordinary people from Russia support it. I have contacts in Russia, I have a YouTube channel with 38k subscribers and over 2M views, @НЕ офтальмолог - канал о зрении where I published some posts regarding the war and collected a lot of comments from Russians. Later I was deleted that, as was not able to read and clean all the dirt from the ordinary Russians.. Sure, they are affected by strong Russian propaganda, but, they are responsible for that.

3. Last, but not least. The ordinary person from Russia has loaded a missile. Another ordinary person from Russia pressed the button, and the missile heavily damaged my house. Another ordinary person from Russia killed a neighbor of my friend and raped his wife last week, near Brovary city. And these guys had parents, kids, and other ordinary Russian people's friends. And same for Mariupil, Kharviv and other cities.

So, I totally disagree, that "there is ordinary peoples..". The majority of Russian people support the war, responsible for the death of Ukrainians.

Moreover, they are responsible for the new world crisis, which affects every family in Europe, USA, Canada and other countries, at least by increased prices, additional country budget expenses to support refugees, pay for military expenses and even cost of fuel, energy and food.

Think twice, before saying that "we are out of politics" and "there is ordinary Russian peoples.."

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