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Your visual outcomes 

Visual outcomes after the cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange depending on IOL type and model you will select for implantation. 

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AI powered, proprietary IOL selection assistant

AI powered, proptietary trained AI assistant to help you know your IOL options. 

Want to know all hidden secrets of IOL selection? 

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Intraocular lenses truth

Lens replacement surgery is the most often performed surgery worldwide, but it has two important aspects, you must be aware of:

1. Intraocular lens replacement is supposed to be done only once in your life time, that's why you shall understand, that the lens model you selected with your doctor is the lens, which will serve your vision for the rest of your life

2. There is no ideal Intra Ocular Lens exist, and despite doctor or product brochure will promise you great visual outcomes, it is not always the case, as it depends on various factors

Intraocular lens selection challenge

IOL selection process is complicated, and quite often, the ophthalmologists do not spend enough time with the patient to explain all details, leaving patient alone with IOL selection, or as opposite, are offering an IOL with no attention to patient visual needs. This results in suboptimal visual experience and patient unsatisfaction after the surgery. 

IOL-adviser is designed to help you understand all about IOLs, and be ready to discuss your option with the surgeon, knowing all pros and cons, to take a really informative decision with your doctor. 

IOL selection steps

Step 1. Comprehensive eye exam

First of all, your doctor shall determine all facts about your eye health in order to evaluate, are you eligible for modern advanced or so called premium IOLs, designed to give a patient certain amount of spectacles freedom. 

If no medical limitations are found, move to Steo 2

Eye Doctor
Still Life

Step 2

Think about your visual experience before the surgery, and your visual needs after


Step 3

Learn about IOL types, its pros, cons, limitations and select the best match to your visual needs

Taking decisions for the future man standing with many direction arrow choices, left, righ

Step 4

Select particular IOL model among available at the clinic with your doctor

Intraocular lens knowledge

In order to be really aware about all the options and to be ready for productive discussion with your doctor you have to be armed by knowledge. You have 3 options to understand your IOL options at IOL-adviser:


Our story


IOL-adviser was created by an independent Intraocular Lens Expert who has been dedicated to the field of cataract surgery and IOL clinical integration since 1996. Frustrated by the lack of accessible information and the industry's monopoly on knowledge, our founder set out to change the narrative. Driven by a passion for helping people see better, we aim to empower patients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their eye health. Our goal is to ensure that every patient can confidently discuss their options with their surgeon, understanding all the pros and cons. At IOL-adviser, we believe that everyone deserves clear, unbiased information to achieve the best possible visual outcomes. Join us in demystifying the IOL selection process and taking control of your vision journey.

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