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IOL consultation

I just want to give patients the opportunity to get that part of the doctor's work, which you have to get in any self-respecting private practice. And in some clinics it is, but more often it is not. And then, in the end, the patient either gets out of the blue the cheapest lens when he needs and is ready pay for more expensive solution, or vice versa, the patient with money receives the type of lens he does not need, and then, in best case patient simply loose money, but do not benefit better visual comfort.

What is the advantage of consulting with me? I don’t see how you are dressed, what you came on and I don’t make your surgery. It doesn’t matter to me what you choose and where you will be operated on ... I just know very well the lens technology, I see your refraction, diagnosis and I can talk with people, to hear what they are talking about and what they want in the context of vision. This gives rise to the optimal decision, with which you already come to the surgeon and make an informed decision with your doctor, based on the data of my consultation.


And I know that this approach works and helps to get optimal vision results.

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