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Experience AI powered IOL selection assistant!

AI powered, proptietary trained AI assistant to help you know your IOL options. 

Want to know all hidden secrets of IOL selection? 

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Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange IOL Questionnaire*

The type of IOL you choose will determine how you will see after the surgery. Modern IOLs technologies cannot completely restore vision to the state of sight of a young, healthy eye. So you will have to make a choice, which characteristics of vision will be of paramount importance to you and in which aspects you will be ready for compromise decisions.

This questionnaire is designed especially for patients willing to select the best IOL technology for their individual needs. 

Once you fill all the questions, you will get an automated analysis of your visual needs IOL type recommendation for optimal visual performance. IOL type suggested for your case is calculated based on your answers, using an algorithm created by an IOL clinical integration expert.


The result you will get here is a starting point for discussion with your doctor. Your surgeon has to take into consideration your medical records and technologies available at a particular location. 

Simply answer the form questions,

and you will get your best IOL options on screen and to your email. 

* A questinaire below is a modified Dr.Dell's IOL quesitonaire


NOTE: this is not a medical consultation or medical prescription. Final IOL type selection will be done by you, together with your doctor, based on your visual needs and actual eyes conditions, including other health conditions, which may interfere your vision or eye health. Please consult your doctor for further information. 

1. Please select a situatios, where you would like to see well without glasses
2. Please select an option, which describes your night vision needs the best way
3. If you will have good vision at all distances but you will experience some visual symptoms like halo or starburst around light sources at night, you will
4. What if you will have good far and intermediate vision, but in some cases you will need small reading glasses you will
5. Reading distance may vary between peoples. Please use a piece of standard paper (30cm long side) or a ruler and check your comfortable reading distance. Your comfort reading distance is:
6. If you will need to use glasses for some types of activities, what is the most cofrotable glasses use situation for you:
7. How would you describe your personality

Thanks for submitting!

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