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Is cataract surgery so simple?

Cataract surgery. The most often performed surgery. The simple ? Perhaps. But what about patient ? We are , professionals from the field have so much information, knowledge..

But what about patient? What he has to expect after the surgery? And what if his expectations is not fulfilled ? The problem is that he can not "go to another restaurant next time"

There is no "next time" for the patient. It is "single use" surgery, and doctor should take care about patient's need much more, than it happens in daily routine.

But how to get time to explain every patient "what to expect", and what is more important - "what to expect related to patient's daily life and needs"?

The answer - to educate patient about the surgery. In simple words. During first 10 minutes. To make him aware about the technology, advantages and the most important the limitations. The most important in the field of unknown - is to know what to expect. Who can do that in a simple way? It is our job, and we will do it for your patients, in a way they will understand.

And I will do this on my new web site IOL adviser!


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