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Enhanced monofocal IOLs in 2024

Enhanced monofocal lenses, sometimes called advanced monofocal lenses, improved or so on - a new monofocal lenses class, based on EDOF technology, aimed to provide improved intermediate visual acuity for cataract patients.

The problem with standard monofocal lenses is a shallow depth of focus, which makes daily life a bit complicated without use of glasses.

Moreover, simple task such as walking on uneven surface, might be dangerous in dim light conditions with standard monofocal lens due to some defocus.

Enhanced monofocal lenses designed to mitigate this issue.

For the beginning of 2024, there are 5 models available on a market, however not all models available in all the countries.

These IOLs are

  1. Johnson&Johnson Eyhance - the first enhanced IOL, which created that class. Now seems to be the best in class in terms of material, visual acuity range and contrast.

  2. BVI IsoPure. Another type of enhanced monofocal IOL. Not too much data, and seems to be pupil-dependent in terms of defocus add range.

  3. Hanita Extend. No many data available for now. Neutral sphericity may have slightly worse contrast versus Eyhance.

  4. Hoya Vivinex Impress, which has visible refractive element.

  5. Rayner RayOne EMV. A good clone of Eyhance, but made of hydrophilic material.

The use of a particular IOL shall be defined by your surgeon.

IOL-adviser team


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