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Tecnis Synergy unhappy patients?

I got a question from my YouTube subscriber about new Tecnis Synergy lens:

Hi Alex. Why so many patients are not happy with senergy? I am sure the material of senergy is superior to panoptix and has no degeneration issue in long term. But why patients seems more happier with panoptix. Please correct me if I am wrong. And do you have any opinion regarding senergy toric for bad astigmatism? Thank you

Good question! I want to share here my answer.

Hi Sam.

I do not know any patients from my experience who are not happy.

However, there are a few reasons which I assume may explain what you have seen on the internet.

1. Synergy lens has to be perfectly calculated and placed to achieve the best of its performance. Perhaps doctors who start with lens never worked with Tecnis platform and failed to do it right. Moreover, the way of calculation is different from well known Symfony, and it might be a simple mistake of a surgeon.

2. It is really the best lens in class, thus a patient's expectations might be raised to an unrealistic level, and as a result, a person might be not happy with it, despite clinically superior results.

3. I noticed specific activity from bots under my videos (my professional channel for Ukraine with some professional videos about IOLs) about Symfony lens, this seems to be ordered by competitors. So, I assume this might be a digital marketing war.

I want to stress again - if the clinic works with Synergy the right way, and this is a lens that fits patient needs, it gives perfect vision results and performs great, and makes patients happy.

More details in my Synergy short review:

Alex @EyeSyrgeryExplained

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