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Vision quality after cataract removal depends on IOL, you select for implantation. 
Find your optinal choise here.

Your vision quality depends on IOL, you select for implantation

Proper IOL selection is a key to optimal vision results. To get the best life quality after the surgery take care about :

  • Define an IOL type which suits the best your lifestyle in terms of vision distances and lighting conditions
  • Discuss with an expert IOL model selection among available at your location
  • Find a surgeon you will trust 
This website will help you with all of above!
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May impact human vision to certain extent. A replacement of natural crystalline lens by proper intraocular lens will restore 

good vision!

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procedure ever


Intraocular lens implantation, either for cataract treatment or refractive lens exchange to treat myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia, is considered the safest surgical procedure globally.

If refractive laser procedure is not possible 


Intraocular lens exchange is a surgical procedure, which may restore your vision in case of refractive disorders if laser vision correction is not possible. 



The IOL you select may let you be free of glasses for your entire life after the surgery, even if you passed your 40th age, where presbyopia makes you dependent on reading glasses.

Proper IOL type will give you the best life quality possible. 

IOL-adviser - find your IOL and eye surgeon!

Today, a natural lens exchange surgery is not related to cataract treatment only. Modern IOLs are able to correct number of eye conditions such as astigmatism, myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia or age related loss of near vision and reduce risk of acute glaucoma formation. 

Modern IOLs made of different materials, use different technologies and different specifications, however no IOL is able to restore human vision to the young healthy eye condition. Therefore, proper IOL selection to match an individual lifestyle and visual needs to particular IOL technology is a key for optimal visual performance and independence of glasses. 

This site is made by an expert in cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange clinical application and clinical integration to help patients and surgeons to find the best individual IOL solution for everyone. 

Feel  free to use IOL questionnaire, ask for detailed preoperative consultation and find the best surgeon in your area you will trust. 

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