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Cataract surgery: what do you really do and sell for patient ?

If you are private practice cataract surgeon, or ophthalmic clinic owner or manager, what do you actually do for your patient and what actually do you sell to patient ?

And what is more important - what your patient really buy from you?

Knowing a correct answer to that question you will have strong competitive advantage over your competitors. Despite the fact, that actually you perform similar surgical procedure, at similar conditions and probably implanting the same IOL model.

Even if you have better clinical outcomes and n terms of BCVA in majority if cases over your competitor, how can you really communicate your competitive advantage to win your patient?

Or, if you are fully booked for next month, i.e. you do not need more patients,

I am sure that you may be willing to charge more for your services, as you know that you better surgeon than your closest competitors. 

And the solution is in the answer to the question "what do you really sell to your patient"

We will help you with an answer. Stay tuned :)


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