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Patient and internet: a new reality. 

Many modern doctors do not like, when patient is asking too much questions, or even giving advices "how you should treat me". 

Well, besides the fact, that patient can not be as educated as his doctor, but we, professionals of medicine have to adopt to a new reality : internet gives tons of information to patient. And the fact, that patients will try to get more information about the decease they have. 

There is only one way to live and survive : to adopt. We have to accept that reality, respect patient right and willing to know more, to be in doubt about your prescription sometimes. 

And there is two possible solutions to make the patient happy, as well as save your good mood:

- talk to patient in a way he understands the decease and treatment, but you are limited in time, and you are not the person who's responsibility to explain in few simple words the science, you studied for years ... 

- the best way: to prepare simple education for your particular patient and to use it in your daily routine. 

And we are, at OSVC Consulting here to help you with that task:)


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