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What your patient really needs?

When it comes to discussion with patient, what is the more often question do you, as a doctor hear?

Something like "how much my vision will improve", excluding a complicated cases, where there is a question to have vision at all or not.

So, talking about VA, or contact lenses/glasses optical power, we even do not realize, what patient understands or even willing to understand in these "simple definitions"

The only explanation patient will expect sounds like :

  • You will see the speed limit sign 2 seconds earlier, driving at 100km/h

  • You will read these small letters on the bottle more easily (or will simply will read this)

  • You will walk safer, as you will be able to distinguish the stairs more clear in twilights

And so on.

Actually, talking to patient, you have to ask yourself "what is day to day life style of my patient?", other words - how he is using his eyes every day, what is important to him, and what is his todays difficulties, caused by his low vision.

And this is important to every aspect of vision care - now only cataract.

Working with RevitalVision technology, we have faced with number of the issues while supporting patients, who purchased either amblyopia or low myopia licenses. They do not understand what is the difference between X lines and Y diopters, what to expect from "+2 lines" in daily life.

Talking about 1 or 2 lines gives a lot of information for doctor, but not for patient.

So, to be professionals we have to talk to patient his language. But we have to keep in mind, that his language based on "how this will impact my daily life", and there is no one answer, which will fit every patient - they are different, their lives are different, so we have to learn how to adapt "2 lines better" to "your life will change this way"

Our team has certain experience and knowledge, which we will be happy to share with you, improving your practice and life of your patients.


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